Haokarism is the ritualized worship of the Eight Holy Spirits, observed primarily in Divthon, Guthar, and northern Jeenhya. Although all major Haokaran religions accept the existence of the Eight Holy Spirits, Haokarism is the only one to directly worship them.


Haokarism is one of the most ancient systems of belief on Haokara, dating back to animistic traditions throughout the world. As the Spirits began to appear across the world, cultures incorporated the powerful beings into their mythologies.

Deities and Domains

  • Divthon, the Bull – Life, Nature
  • Guthar, the Eagle – Light, Tempest
  • Phoproma, the Earth Spider – Knowledge, Nature
  • Kithaen, the Shark – Death, Tempest
  • Jeenhya, the Hero – Knowledge, Trickery, War
  • Aktire, the Worker – Knowledge, Life
  • Skyaja, the Lord – Knowledge, Light
  • Adgruo, the Merchant – Knowledge, Tempest


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